Girl Behind The Bar

from by BIG SHOALS



About 6 months before I moved back home from Tulsa, my pal and roommate there moved back home to Michigan. We were both ready to skip town, and he beat me to the punch. I still had responsibilities there and some shows already booked with the band I was in. After he left my nights were usually spent with my guitar, a notepad, a bottle of bourbon, or a couple of beers. This particular night I had been playing, writing, and drinking for about 4 hours, lost track of time and had to be to work at 9. It was 5 A.M. The first line spawned out of that and I spent the next 2 hours writing it. I didn't make it to work that day, but I got a song out of it.


The hours pass with every glass of bourbon
And I'm not the only one on a mission tonight
I take a look around and everybody's hurtin
I guess I came to the right place for drowning tonight

Well everybody's got a story but nobody's talkin
And the girl behind the bar has got her eyes on me
Used to be, I'd be hers in a minute
But a woman is what's got me here and tonight that's the last thing I need

Cause I'm feeling like hell
And I'm drinking to you
Yeah I'm feeling like hell
I hope you're feeling it too

I guess I'll have another round, just a little bit stronger
Cause what I'm fightin seems to be a lot tougher than me
And I should probably go home, but I'll stay a little longer
There's no point in leavin knowing you're not waitin for me

And I'm feeling like hell
And I'm drinking to you
Yeah I'm feeling like hell
I hope you're feeling it too


from Still Go On, released April 22, 2014
Lance Howell- Guitars, Vocals, Organ
Jacob Riley- Bass
Dalton Corbett- Drums




BIG SHOALS Gainesville, Florida

Hailing from the deep South in Gainesville, FL, Big Shoals has staked their claim as a serious band with a range that goes from all out rock and roll to a beautiful whisper. With thought provoking lyrics and songs that stick in your head and hold on for days, they've been roaming around the South for the past 2 years. Going to any town with a barstool, a stage and a few kind folks to listen. ... more

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