Still Go On

from by BIG SHOALS



This one is a lot of fun playing live. I came up with the main riff and loved the room that it had. Once the lyrics came a long, I brought it to the band and we started trying to find a way for it not to be too monotonous. Once we added all the dynamics in, it felt great and turned into one of our favorites to do live even though it's so simple. We didn't plan on it being the title track, but when we got into the studio, it turned into this great landscape of different sounds and layers. Once the horns were added, we made the final decision. It just seemed right.


You tried so hard to change me
But in the end, you only changed yourself
And you took all the pieces to rearrange me
And hid them up somewhere on a shelf

And I tried so hard to love you
and do all that you'd want me to
And I know you'll move on without me
But I'll still go on, loving you
Yeah, I'll still go on, loving you

And I gave all that you asked for
I gave it all till the giving gave out
But still I'd have given you so much more
If I had a heart to live without

So go ahead, and forget all about me
Run to him, like I know you're bound to do
I'll watch you live on without me
But I'll still go on, loving you
Yeah, I'll still go on, loving you


from Still Go On, released April 22, 2014
Lance Howell- Guitars, Vocals
Jacob Riley- Bass
Dalton Corbett- Drums
Paul Johnson- Saxophone
Brian Stevens- Trombone




BIG SHOALS Gainesville, Florida

Hailing from the deep South in Gainesville, FL, Big Shoals has staked their claim as a serious band with a range that goes from all out rock and roll to a beautiful whisper. With thought provoking lyrics and songs that stick in your head and hold on for days, they've been roaming around the South for the past 2 years. Going to any town with a barstool, a stage and a few kind folks to listen. ... more

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