Tumbleweed Towns

from by BIG SHOALS

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This is probably lyrically my favorite song I've written. I had a buddy of mine from Michigan, send me a Leonard Cohen song that I hadn't heard yet, and was floored at how beautiful it was musically, and how raw lyrically it was. Mr. Cohen knows what he's doing. I wanted to write something like that and this was the closest I could come.


I was roaming around through these tumbleweed towns
Not knowing, for what I was searching
Till she found me one night, asking me for a light
For her cigarette, cause hers wasn't working

So I lit up a match, and we started to chat
Of the weather and other stupid small things
She said, "Where are you from? Are you staying for long?
Can you take me away if you're leaving?"

Well we talked of the past and how lovers don't last
They sometimes disappear like a cold breeze
Then she took my right hand, said, "I got a plan."
Gave a smile, and she slid it between her knees

So I got us a room, in the hotel on Bloom
She showed me what all I'd been missing
No I won't bring to mind, all that happened that night
But her lips wasn't all I was kissing

Well I woke with the sun, just to find she was gone
No goodbye, not a note, not a trace
But I could smell her perfume, through the musk in the room
Closed my eyes one last time to see her face

But I pass through sometime, and she comes to mind
Her memory is ready and waiting
And then a cold breeze blows in and she's gone again
And my heart starts back to it's aching


from Still Go On, released April 22, 2014
Lance Howell- Guitar, vocals, keys
Jarrod Doll- Upright Bass
Andrew Cook- Fiddle




BIG SHOALS Gainesville, Florida

Hailing from the deep South in Gainesville, FL, Big Shoals has staked their claim as a serious band with a range that goes from all out rock and roll to a beautiful whisper. With thought provoking lyrics and songs that stick in your head and hold on for days, they've been roaming around the South for the past 2 years. Going to any town with a barstool, a stage and a few kind folks to listen. ... more

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